Meet Tin and Jerry 

We are Christine and Jeremiah. Young couple. Married for seven roller coaster years to date. Christine is a graduate of Business Administration, work in a corporate world for decade but decided to leave everything behind and travel the world for love. A work from home enthusiast, lifestyle blogger and a writer by passion. A freelance "ghost" writer for some headlines, blogs and e-books. Is she creepy then? Not really, ghost writer means you are writing articles and content but without you having credited for such work in lieu of a professional fee. While Jeremiah is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, gifted with abstract skills, math guru and technical support for Tin and Jerry published articles. Anything related to techie stuff here, address it to Jerry and problem solved.

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Moving on to forever. We are high school enemies turns friends then eventually fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. What a fairy-tale!

Both are born and raised in the Philippines. In a city of love, Iloilo. Now, residing in a foreign land surrounded by the Persian Gulf in a male-dominated Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, away from our own biological families. Working our journey to successful health, career and relationship. Able to find the meaning of life through sharing, helping and the lists of all the -ings goes on.

We believed that “A journey to a thousand miles begins with one step”. Our favorite quote from a Chinese philosopher Lao that is often attributed to our married life because in this world full of bitterness and divorce, Tin and Jerry is taking single steps every day, together on our journey to forever. Likewise, it does not happen overnight. You should live and cope every single day. Hence not easy but with determination, respect, exceptional trust, understanding and love, we can make this world a better place to live.

This blog is for everyone. Single. Married. Soon to get married. Divorced. Bachelors. Searching. Young. Old. Still waiting. Or whatever you want to call yourselves, yes, this is for you.  Let us all believe that there is indeed a journey to forever without setting foot away from realities that life is not a bed of roses, of course. That is an irony of life which makes it more interesting, fun and worth-living.  We may encounter obstacles and hardships in working our way to forever but stand still, you have Tin and Jerry and this is for you!

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