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A Glimpse of Sulu Garden

Can you guess where is Sulu Garden located? Is it somewhere in Japan, Philippines or where? Let's find out. Keep reading. 

Photo credits to the owner Kenzo HugotVenture

Are you puzzled where is Sulu Garden? You may probably guess that this place is somewhere in Japan because of its obvious Japanese landscape but dear, this is only an hour plane ride from Manila, Philippines. And Ilonggos, have you visited the place already? I guess not. But consider this, travel time is around two (2) hours from Iloilo City Proper. 

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This place is in Miag-ao, Iloilo. "Just an hour drive south of Iloilo City, Sulu Garden is the best place to enjoy your lunch or dinner after seeing the scenic beauty of Miagao. Sulu Garden takes pride in the unique ambiance of its gardens and delicious Japanese and Philippine cuisines. Enjoy the Sulu Garden experience‚ÄĒdining, art shows, games (chess and Chinese checkers), fish ponds, fish foot spa, miniature architectures (pagoda, hobbit holes, bell towers), sciences (aquaponics and butterfly breeding), and the oriental gardens".

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Not convinced to travel there yet? I have two reasons for you, Miag-ao is the home of the 1993 UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Miagao Church and you can drop by one of the only two campuses of University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV). Or visit other nearby towns like Oton and Guimbal. Where endless choice of good picturesque is at bay. Road tripping? Yeah, your call. 

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And here are some photo ideas for your next Instagram slash blogger pose. Count with me. 

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Twelve! A dozen dose for Sulu Garden visit. Nice idea, huh? Take it from the blogger. 
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 Check Sulu Garden website for more information on their amenities, prices and other photos or street view of their location. Can't say much because I haven't been to this place yet but once I go home to my Iloilo, this surely be one on my list. :)