Hate reading? Don't worry this is a short list. 

1.    At 30's, you realized that foods bought from fast-food chains are not appealing anymore and you tagged it as "food for suicidal". You now opt for healthier diet like embracing veganism or incorporating more fruits and greens or if not at least every meal is in portion control since our metabolism a decade ago is far different from what we have now.  Yeah. So, check this meal plan, just in case your modifying that biggest part of yourself, your health. 

2. That spending time with your love ones is utmost important than hanging out with colleagues. Sorry besties, but I’m one call away though! And here's an idea how to spend quality time with your family. Here.

3. Weekends' OOTD be like, loose buns, over-sized shirts, short shorts and a pair of yellow rubber gloves for a weekend routine.  Clean up, laundry, gardening, etcetera. Nyay! But don't worry, this is a list of life's hacks for easy cleaning. 

4. Friday and Saturday nights are spent for a "night-in" with hubby and the kids and/or siblings and family. Dinner, chitchat, more laughs, more jokes.  And you realized that good things in life are free.  Life's better if we know how to prioritize and do not stress ourselves with petty things. 

5. You no longer go shopping for fashionable clothes, shoes and bags but you go on sale-hunting for your household needs. Bed sheets, curtains, kitchen wares to name a few. Nyahahaha. Or check our affiliate shop for scouting great deals. 

6. "Alone" or "Me" time is needed not as selfish desire but to re-charge, replenish and bring out the best in you. Char! Be it sleeping, manicure-pedicure session, or simply, just walking or a 20-minute yoga.

7. Learning a new skill is a must. Like driving, cooking, baking, so on. For continuous learning! Or enroll for master’s degree and simple achievements equals big-time accomplishments already. Uhuh!

8. You realized that before getting arthritis and other chronic diseases, alright, you must try and enjoy activities like biking on the roads of Iloilo-Antique. Hiking in Guimaras. Surfing in Siargao. This is the best time to try new things.

9. That as possible you avoid sweets but you just can't .... with tempting chocolates. Then realizing, t'was my comfort food ever since. But you must watch this documentary film how seriously sugar is villain with our health.   
10. That the most important person in your life is your better-half! Feeling Emotional! He is your life. Your best friend and your enemy in one. Cheers to all husbands and wives in the world. Oh, Single? Don't worry the right one will come along and if not you have your BFFs, right? So there. Cheers.

11. Work is only your work, not your life. So, taking a break is much needed now. Have a break. Have a kitkat! 

12. Payday in your twenties was spent for a bucket of beers, eat there, go somewhere with office-mates but now, a careful planning on how to spent it wisely is important. Why enroll your account in your bank's auto-debit system for a quick, no fuss savings? #idea 

13. When you look at your parent's faces, you see dark spots there and deeper lines here, and suddenly you feel sad, and shrugged, they are getting older now. Seriously old. And spending more and more time with them is MANDATORY! Better do it now than feel sorry later! Go ahead pay them a visit no matter how difficult the situation.

14. That investments on your own house, car and business should not only be planned but must be work on.

15. That well, you spent time reading this. No doubt you’re getting older. Happy on our thirties. More realizations when we get another decade older, hence, older but that only means we become wiser, fiercer and bolder. Right? Smile. Laugh. Stay awesome in our 30s.