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 Taken at Al Nakheel Beach, Jubail  

Must Visit Places in Jubail


Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there was a small fishing village called Al Jubail or just “Jubail” to most people. This lonely place is in the Eastern part of the kingdom’s Persian Gulf seaboard, but because of its captivating magic, this village was chosen to be the site expansion of Saudi’s industrial city. This village is now happy and the largest industrial city in the Middle East. Considering of course that it is the home of the fourth largest petrochemical company in the world. With the abundance supply of oil, it gives to the region or the whole kingdom rather, people nowadays live there happily ever after.

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Oh! What a fairytale! It may sound mere exaggeration on the latter but this is indeed true, this place had been my home as “Filipina expat” under my spouse’ sponsorship, him working as Quality Assurance Engineer in one of the outsource companies for manufacturing plants. And guess what, I’m loving the life here, my dear. Opposite  to what I speculate before. Only few are given the chance to visit this kingdom and I must make the most of my experience here. While it’s true that in Saudi Vision 2030, they will broaden the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, this means more travelers are bound to see the beauty of this kingdom, addition to Muslims travelers. Might consider Jubail for your next destination. Good news, right? Crossing fingers here.

While waiting for your opportunity to visit Al Jubail; or any other places in the kingdom; or been here but nowhere to go. Below are the best sight-seeing places to go when you are in this magic place. Note though, check your google maps for directions. I included them bel


This family corniche is one of the beautiful places here to reconnect with nature. Love the sea breeze while my husband and I used to do our daily brisk walk here or jog early morning or sometimes late in the afternoon after his work. Excellent place for picnics, barbecue and fishing with family and friends. There are kid’s play areas with swings, slides and seesaw in colorful hue. During Ramadan season, they have camels and donkey dressed in festive look with flowers and music roaming around the corniche. You can ride these beautiful creatures for a reasonable fee. Big tents are set up for the Muslim community to gather and celebrate their festivities.

Corniche is a great place to visit during weekends. You can see Saudi locals with their families sitting in their picnic mat or strolling around, they are friendly and often smile at you. Expats like Westerners, Filipinos, Pakistanis and Indian nationals are making this place a sports venue to play ball games like soccer. Some kids are biking, running and playing as if there’s no tomorrow. There are endless things to do here, only if it is not against the Saudi Law, of course.

If you might consider visiting this place, check your google map for directions here :


Whether you want to unwind or indulge yourself in mouth-watering food, Fanateer District is a place where you can find high-end shopping malls and restaurants serving international cuisine. Oh by the way, my love for Indian cuisine is exceptional and you can find restaurants that serves that dishes here. There’s hotels nearby too. You can find the Fanateer mall, alongside of its famous Fanateer beach and corniche. The breathtaking place was beautifully created for families’ bonding time but bachelors can enjoy the place too. Fanateer corniche is basically same as Jubail corniche where everyone stroll, walk, jog or simply sit in one area and enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand. Tranquil and serene, this place is awesome for activities like fishing and ferry ride. For 20SR (price as of the moment) you can ride a ferry and get ready to get mesmerized by the beauty of  its nearby scenery. It’s best to go here with loved ones, as they are offering exclusive yacht for family tour. If you wanted to spend a weekend on Jubail, you must check this place.


Al Nakheel Beach managed by the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY), a safe, clean and tranquil place to spend a weekend or two. Luscious landscaped green field, bluest sky and sea, little pink blossoms of flowers are some of your picturesque here. During holidays, it is over-crowded though. So, if you wanted to visit this place avoid going here during holidays.

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You can set a big tent up for you and your family to enjoy the view. You may want to swim too with caution. Women must still be in their abaya while swimming, me I opted to dip my toes on the sea water instead while my husband swims.

The narrow beach has two sections, one for bachelors and the other for families. There is kid’s play area and a basketball court. Benches under the trees and ample parking spaces. Just some heads up though, be aware that littering here is a serious ground, if caught throwing your garbage anywhere you’ll get fine, and worst might happen. My best advice? Enjoy but do not step out of rules. Here my google maps for you.


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Located near Jubail Fish Market. Walking distance from our flat, this place has been my to go place if I didn’t want to travel going somewhere. After a whole day of staying in a four-cornered wall, I always wanted to take a brisk walk and meet some people to regained my energy lost for a day of staying alone in our accommodation. Here, you can sit in the grass, go for picnics and stroll. Parks amenities includes tennis court or volleyball area, kid’s play pen and small stalls that sells food and drinks.

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During festivities like Ramadan or Nationals day, Saudi locals celebrate their programs here, sometimes expat got the chance to view exhibits too. Big bounces, trampolines and rides for kids are available for a fee. Nice place. Expats and locals must check this place.


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