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Guimaras' Tatlong-Pulo

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Kenzo is a Filipino, witty travel enthusiast and shares his story over his Facebook and Instagram pages. He named it  hashtag "Hugotventure" or #hugotventure. "Hugot" means this and "venture" referring to his adventure. Tin and Jerry love how he captioned his travels but well, we should abide by our goal to present Philippines to foreign friends, followers and expats. Now here it is.  

Introducing this famous "Tatlong-Pulo" (Three Islands) located in Sinapsapan, Jordan Guimaras. Kenzo tagged it as the safest and untouched islands he visited so far. When we say untouched or "Virgin Island", this is not yet developed and commercialized like any other famous island in the Philippines, for example Boracay that nowadays, is too crowded. Indeed, best option if you wanted to explore Philippines more but avoiding the "too crowded, I can't breathe, I can't enjoy" mood. There is no hotel yet nor any other 5-star accommodation and even restrooms are scarce. There is, but do not expect it to be one seen in hotels or malls. So, take note this place is not for Kris Aquino-like traveler. 

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Instead of heading for bathrooms and taking showers after your beach dive, go get that pail and throw it on deep well. Voila! Take a bath now. Another calorie burn for that. What an experience and adventure at the same time. Tatlong-Pulo beach is so beautiful and clean, it outweighs all the sacrifices you may have in getting here. Imagine you're in Boracay? Check! White sand? Check.  Bluer than blue beach? Big check. 

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How to get there:

You can rent a private "bangka" (boat) worth Php 800-1,000 (roughly 20USD) directly from Iloilo Port to Tatlong-Pulo and is good for 10 persons already. Travel time is less than 2 hours. Here's another option, you can travel from Iloilo to Guimaras via "bangka", then from Guimaras' port to Tatlong Pulo, ride a tricycle or jeep going there. But you need to walk about 30 minutes to reach your destination. Struggle is real but worth it. 

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Activities you can do here:
  • Swimming
  • Videoke
  • Boating
  • Island hopping 
  • Picnic

There are cottages, but Kenzo recommends to bring and set up your own tent. Just make sure to check your weather forecast before heading there and you do not want to go there raining, right? Tent's rental is Php 150 per head. If you want to save, just bring your own tents. 

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You can bring your own food, be it cooked or uncooked. You can also ask "Manong Chef" to cook it for you but it's like Php 100 per meal. He is not a real chef but he cooks like one. On the other hand, Marian said, "It's gaining popularity now because of its peaceful ambiance.There's no electricity here. There's a sari-sari store nearby and the caretaker, can cook your meals as well." Same as what Kenzo said.


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People there are very accommodating! Specially, Aleng Rosalina!  If you want to make reservations, text or call Rosalina at +63956710578 or Randy at +639369412244

Beware though that during weekends this place is kinda full as well. So, you might consider going there weekdays. With wit, Kenzo capped this Tatlong-Pulo travel in saying, this is the best place to search your forever here. He found one there but already taken. He wouldn't want to be an option. And he'll gonna go ahead find another one. Oh, well, I guess that's by travelling. So, ready, pack your things and head there, enjoy.  :)  

 This content first appeared in Kenzo's Facebook and Instagram pages first week of April 2017. All photos in this page belong to the author and ask permission first before re-publishing on other sites. Work was originally written in English-Hiligaynon caption. Tin and Jerry made modifications for foreign readers.