Tin and Jerry Affiliate Marketing

You may wonder, "What is an affiliate marketing?", Well, to make it simple, it is a process of earning a little commission when you refer someone to purchase products or services from an affiliate/s or companies. For detailed description about affiliate marketing, please check this

Tin and Jerry decided to partner with some affiliate programs to earn an extra moolah. This will be use as payment for website's hosting subscription and maintenance, and as you would not probably know, with blogging, writing a content is no piece of cake, you spent hours and hours or even days writing, editing, etcera and nada! You're not paid for it.  You only get that relieved and gratefulness of what you did after hitting the published button and see traffic coming in your site (after rigorous promotion to other social sites). A bit tiring and take a lot of efforts. Any blogger would certainly understand that and sometimes, you will feel drained about this and to at least compensate your time and effort set-forth, you want to take steps how to monetize your blog, in one way or another you have source of income to pay for your electricity bills while leaving your corporate work to stay at home and do some blogging. And FYI, am just doing this blog, part-time.  Monetizing your blog doesn't mean bloggers are making business out of their readers and followers. I just dunno with some but with Tin and Jerry, we are here to give you help in a click, to the best we can, not to make moolah out of your visit here. It all depends on you if you will purchase using our links or not. 

So much for dramas and all, now let me introduce to you our affiliates and hope you will support us by purchasing from these links. 

Souq Saudi Arabia

Lazada Philippines

Trip Advisor


Life Extension



Qatar Airways

Dee Watch

And for instance you saw other links or insertions on our blog not listed here, that was also part of our third party advertisement. 

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 Here is the link below if you wanted to take a leap and monetize your blog. It's a legit affiliate program.